Welcome to my homepage — the central linking point to my shops and various projects, mostly related to medieval Japan.

   While much of the information in these pages is strictly historical or primarily historical in nature, some also pertain to re-enacting medieval Japan in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

   Who am I?

   I am Anthony J. Bryant. Primarily, I am a Japanese historian, with a focus on Kamakura, Muromachi, and Momoyama period warrior culture, but I also have a strong interest in Heian-period court structure and society. Additionally, I enjoy Japanese literature — especially historical and court literature. I hold an MA in Japanese (my thesis was a translation of a 15th-century tale) from Indiana University. I am also the author of four books for Osprey Military Publishing on samurai history, co-author of Sengoku (a role-playing game set in feudal Japan), and a member of the Nihon Katchû Bugu Kenkyû Hozon Kai (Japan Society for Arms and Armour Research and Preservation). Currently I’m gainlessly unemployed, looking for someone who recognizes talent when they see it and who might hire me on to teach or edit. Occasionally, I have been known to help makers of theatrical productions and documentaries having Japanese themes.

   Within the SCA, I am known as Baron Edward of Effingham, Companion of the Orders of the Pelican and Laurel, and also (occasionally) known as Hiraizumi Tôrokurô Tadanobu. Although my Laurel was awarded for Japanese research, I am also actively interested in Western armouring, costuming, calligraphy, illumination, Russo-Byzantine iconography, and about a hundred other things.

   I invite you to visit my various sites and hope you will find them useful and enjoyable. I especially invite you to visit the Sengoku Daimyo Shop and take a look at the various items, many of which are intended for classroom use in teaching Japanese history, literature, or culture.

   The sites on my Links pages are those that I have found informative and entertaining. I hope you shall also find them so.

Nihon Katchû Seisakuben:
An Online Japanese Armour Manual
Nihon Zatsuroku:
An Online Japanese Miscellany
Yûsoku Kojitsu Ron:
A History of Japanese Clothing and Accessories
Bungo Nyûmon:
A Basic Introduction to Classical Japanese
The Estates of Heian Nobility
(an essay)
Rape as the First Act of Romance in Heian Japan (an essay)
Useful Links for Japanese Historical and Cultural Webhunting Other Links of Personal Interest
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