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Language Links

Reading Surnames J An encyclopedic guide to reading some of the difficult (and easy) Japanese surnames.
WWWJDIC E Jim Breen’s invaluable online Japanese dictionary.
Monash FTP Archives E Source for dictionaries and links on all sorts of specialists topics.
Jim Breen’ Language Links E Invaluable resource for people interested in Japanese language and dictionaries.
Hon’yaku Homepage E Resources for J–E translators.
SWET JE Homepage of the Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators. Good source.
Nat’l Inst. for J. Language JE The homepage of the Kokuritsu Kokugo Kenkyûjô.
Rikai dot com JE Wonderful! Plug in the URL of a Japanese site and windows appear over the Japanese text as you mouse over it to translate words.

Arms & Armour Links

Toraba E A foreigner in Japan who sells Japanese armour and supplies. An incredible resource!
Toraba’s odoshi page E So good, it needs mentioning twice. A source for real odoshi for Japanese armour.
The Parts of Armour J Pop-ups with information on the various parts of a suit of Japanese armour.
Putting on Armour J Graphics from a historical handbook on putting on a suit of armour.
Seto Cutlery E Japanese swords and sword furniture.
YOROI NO KÔZAN DÔ JE Where it all began for me… The shop in Tokyo selling repro armour.
Katchû Kyôshitsu JE Website of Usagi-tei. A “how to” on making ersatz armour of cardboard.
Bushido E Japanese swords and sword-polishing services.
Katchû.Com J Master armourer Miura Ichirô’s site.
MARUTAKE SANGYÔ J Website with great graphics of repro armour that’s for sale if you’ve the money.
A. H. Rice Corp. E Supplier of poly braid for lacing Japanese armour.
St. Louis Braid Co. E A source for poly-lace for Japanese armour.

Literature Links

Heike Monogatari Page E Great links from Prof. Watson of Tokyo’s Meijigakuen for the Heike Monogatari.
Nôh Links E More from Prof. Watson.
Genji Links E Another page from Professor Watson. One-stop-shopping for the Genji Monogatari.
Japanese Text Initiative E Site is a treasure-trove of classical Japanese lit. e-texts (texts are all Japanese).
Waseda U. Literature Links J Waseda’s online library of Japanese e-texts.
Nat’l Inst. of Japanese Lit. JE Homepage of the Kokubungaku Kenkyû Shiryôkan.
Genji.Net J Wonderful source of Genji-related material and websites.
Genji Monogatari J E-text of the Genji, chapter by chapter, with different versions and translations.
Nihon Koten Bungaku J Classical Japanese texts online.
Koten Bungaku Sakuhin J More links to classical Japanese texts online.

Clothing Links

Japan Costume Museum
Wonderful museum in Kyoto dedicated to the history of Japanese fashion.
Japanese historical clothing. If you have the money, you can buy court clothing.
Heian Fashions Site
An incredible site by a Japanese reenactor interested in Heian fashions.
How to Make Zôri
The site says “paper” but you can make real zôri with these instructions.
The Fundoshi Page J That’s right — a site devoted to the history and wearing of traditional underwear.

History Links

Meishi Seiin List J Genealogies of great and royal houses from Ancient Egypt to sengoku Japan.
Court Rank Chart JE A bilingual chart showing court appointments and ranks.
Samurai Archives E Great resource. A companion to the Delphi Samurai History Forum (below).
Byôan Monjô J Much good material on Heian life and culture.
On Sengoku Officials J Full of information on official positions of the court.
Iriki Documents JE Incredible treasure-trove of historical documents covering over 700 years.
Historiographical Institute JE Homepage of Tokyô University’s Shiryô Hensan-jo.

Museum Links

Reki-haku JE National Museum of Japanese History (Kyoto).
Tô-haku JE Tokyo National Museum.
Kyô-haku JE Kyoto National Museum.
Nara-haku JE Nara National Museum
Japan Costume Museum JE Wonderful museum in Kyoto dedicated to the history of Japanese fashion.
Kyôto U. Sokai Museum JE Great museum at Kyoto University.
Tokyo Bunkazai Kenkyûjo JE National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo.
Nara Bunkazai Kenkyûjo JE National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Nara.
Tokugawa Bijutsukan JE Website of Nagoya’s fantastic Tokugawa Art Museum. Nice armour.

Media Links

Mainichi Daily News E Online Japanese English-language newspaper.
Japan Times Online E Online Tokyo-based English-language newspaper.
Yes Asia E Japanese, Chinese, and Korean CDs, DVDs, and VCDs.
Zoom Movie E VCD Japanese movies and TV shows.
Mitô Kômon Homepage J The official production website of Japan’s longest-running historical drama series.
Uzumasa Eiga Mura JE Home page of Kyoto’s open set for shooting historical drama (a themepark!).
Otoko wa Tsurai yo (Tora-san) J Shochiku’s webpage for their long-running “Tora-san” series.
Japan Echo E A journal of Japanese politics and society.
Kanda Book Town JE Tokyo’s mecca for bibliophiles.
Monumenta Nipponica E One of the most respected academic journals on Japanese history and culture.

Shopping Links

Creative Shelters E Canopy parts for building Japanese tents.
Nihon no Saijiki JE Clothing for festivals and other related goods.
Japanese Gifts.Com E All manner of really nifty Japanese things to buy.
Japan Shop.Com E Yet more fun Japanese goodies you can buy online.
Ryuba Corp. J Japanese toys, costumes, and festival supplies.
Rakuten J Go insane. Just about all you can imagine — CDs to kitchenware to… everything.
Amazon Japan J Buy Japanese books, CDs, videos, and DVDs. (DVD costs will stun you.)

Miscellaneous Links

Sekigahara Website JE The official website of the home of Japan’s most famous battlefield.
Shûha Jiten J An incredible resource on Japanese religions and sects.
Sôma J Website of the home of the famous Sôma Nomaôi (Wild Horse Gathering).
Shogi Net JE Great Site for shôgi junkies .
Bonsai Kinda Shuppan J Incredible source for bonsai information and supplies.
American Bonsai Society E Homepage of the ABS, with links to supplies and regional bonsai groups.
Nihon Sumô Kyôkai JE The homepage of the Japan Sumô Federation.
Yama Kaminari E The webpage for Clan Yama Kaminari. Good stuff.

Martial Arts Links

Meishin Kyûdô Dôjô E American clearing house for information on kyûdô (Japanese archery).
Asahi America E Kyûdô supplies.
American Kyûdô Renmei E Homepage of the American Kyûdo Federation.


Delphi Samurai History E One of my favorite discussion groups.
Japanese Language E An “About” forum for those interested in the language.
Tôsandô E A forum for the discussion of medieval Japanese topics.