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SCA Links

SCA E The Society's homepage.
Midrealm E Homepage of the Middle Kingdom
Barony of the Far West E Japan, Guam, Korea, the Philippines...
Academy of St. Gabriel E Incredible resource on names and heraldic matters.
Pennsic War E The official website of the Pennsic War.

Arms & Armour Links

Armour Archive E One of my favorite forums for discussions of armour and armouring techniques.
Arador Archive E Another excellent forum for armour discussions.
Therion Arms E Sort of “one-stop-shopping” for links to armouries.
Forth Armoury E Real, flat, riveted mail and other armour.

Literature Links

“Literary Offences of James Fennimore Cooper” E One of my favorite pieces of biting literary critique: Mark Twain takes Cooper to task for... well, everything.
Project Gutenberg E More and more e-texts uploaded every day!
Ardalambion E Works on the writings and languages of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Your Dictionary E Links to dictionaries and grammars for every language on the face of the Earth.
Acts of Gord E One of the funniest things I've ever read: Gord recounts tales of the game shop he owns.
Thud and Blunder E The classic essay on how NOT to do "sword and sorcery" epics.
"Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" E The immortal Larry Niven study of Superman and Lois' love life.
"Ring around the rosie" — the truth E The truth about the "Ring around the rosie" rhyme. (Hint: it doesn't have to do with teh plague at all.)
Complete Works of William Shakespeare E Just what it says.
Copyright Rules E Just what is "fair use"?
Flowers of Rhetoric E Important for students of rhetoric, logic, and clear thinking.

Clothing Links

Historic Enterprises
One of the best sources of information and goods for historical re-enactors.
Billy & Charley
Pewter findings and pilgrim badges
Historical clothing and arming jackets.

History Links

ORB E The Online Reference for Books on medieval studies
Labyrinth E Incredible resource for medieval studies.
Old English Pages E Wonderful resource!

Media Links

The Webcomic List E One-stop shopping for all the web-comics you could want.
PvP E Person-vs-Person: a great webcomic
User Friendly E Geeks vs. all in this delightful webcomic.
Knights of the Dinner Table E D&D and role-playing humor is key in this brilliant webcomic.
Drudge Report E Every columnist and commentator you could want linked from one page.
Nitpickers dot com E The ultimate "pick that movie to death" site — a great way to waste an afternoon.
Chronique E Brian Price's chivalry 'zine.
Chivalry Bookshelf E Books on the practice and theory of medieval and modern chivalry and arms.
Gold Rush Games E Publishers of Sengoku and other fun games.

Shopping Links

Moscow Hide & Fur E Leather for armouring and other projects.

Miscellaneous Links

OCA E The Orthodox Church in America
GOA E Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
ROCOR E Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (a.k.a. “The Synod” or “ROCA”)
Ex Astris Scientia E Great site for Star Trek ship junkies
The "Middle Finger" Truth E An essay about the "middle finger salute."
Reference Desk E Just about any link to anything you'd need to reference.
The Art of Getting Help E Required reading for anyone who wants to ask an expert a question by e-mail.