Chapter 13

Yakimono no Bu (焼物之部)
Grilled Food

As mentioned in Chapter 12, “Yaku” means to grill or to cook, and is generally associated with the direct application of heat, rather than through a secondary medium, like a pot or liquid. Rather than being cooked in a broth, then, most of these recipes utilize a “kakejiru,”a broth that is poured over the ingredients. Though some are described, likely anything in Chapter 8 would do. It is also important to note that, like previous recipes, the main ingredient is often named in the title of the recipe, and then little more is said about it.

Of course, there is also simple grilling that is indicated in the list of preparations in the ingredients section, but the below recipes are those that go beyond simply placing food over fire. Still, the simple techniques should not be forgotten.

1. Hamayaki はまやき (Shore Grilled)

Scale a large tai with a bamboo blower. Stick a knife in. Sprinkle salt and grill. Drop a little tamari into sakeshio, pour it on top, and serve.

2. Makuri yaki まくりやき (Roll Up and Grill)

Fillet tai and cut it thin. You can rub in salt and grill.

3. Arajio yaki あらしほやき (Coarse Salt Grilled)

Grill crucian carp with only salt, pour on a kakejiru or sakeshio with a drop of tamari, and serve.

4. Kotori yaki 小鳥やき (Grilled Small Birds)

Fillet crucian carp of 3 or 4 sun (~9-12 cm) into three pieces and skewer with bamboo skewers. Baste with sanshō miso and grill. Koi, nayoshi, etc. are also good.

5. Kinome yaki 木のめやき (Wood-grain Grilled)

Salt eso. Wrap in yuzu leaf. Wrap that in paper. Steam cook, then take it out and serve it. Pour on a kakejiru and serve.

6. Kiji yaki きじやき (Grilled Pheasant)

Cut tōfu small. Salt, throw on the fire, and grill.

7. Shigi yaki 鴨やき (Grilled Sandpiper)

Boil aubergine and cut it into good sized pieces. Skewer on bamboo skewers. Baste with sanshō miso and grill.

8. Sake yakite 鮭やきて (Grilled Salmon)

For the kakejiru, add tamari to nigori-zake or sumi-zake, wring out yuzu vinegar into it, then pour it on and serve. Also put in [salmon] eggs and pour on a simple broth to taste.

9. Yaki takenoko やき竹の子 (Grilled Bamboo Shoots)

Remove the bamboo shoot’s joint(s). Put kamaboko and egg in a circle inside. Grill it with the skin and cut. The salt in the kamaboko should be slightly flavorful.

10. Iri yaki いりやき (Roasted and Grilled)

Cut wild duck in large pieces. Pour tamari over it and put that aside. Roast the skin, then clip the meat and put it in. In a nabe pot, line up one piece at a time and cook. When the broth disappears, you should put in a little of the reserved tamari.

11. Hegi yaki へぎやき (Skin and Grill)

As above, line up one piece on cedar bark and grill.


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