Episode 3: Boom and Bust in the Middle Jomon

Welcome to Episode 3, and part 2 of our series on the Jomon era. In this episode we discuss the boom and bust of the Jomon period, when the Jomon population hit its highest point, especially in the Kanto plain and Chubu highlands. This was the area of the Katsusaka and Otamadai cultures. We’ll discuss the evidence for what we see and what might have happened. Below, find photos taken at the National Museum of Japanese History, with actual and replica pots and figurines. You can see the type of decoration that gave this period its name and some of the wild artistic flourishes that became popular during this period. Also check out the lacquered pots, indicating that it was more than just cord impressions. Finally, the figurines give you a sample of some of the variety found.

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